William Hancock

I found this extract from book called “Family records and pedigrees” (1909), written by Lavinia M Squarey, and copy held in the Indiana public library. This gives some details of William Hancock, Edward’s father. I’m not sure what to make of the section “They had one son and heir, aged 14, in 1613”. Does this mean he died in 1613. That doesn’t tie up with Cambridge student I found earlier.


WILLIAM HANCOCK, of Combe Martin, Devon, whose Arms are registered in the Heralds’ College, at the visitation of 1564, is there stated to have been married twice, first, to a daughter of John de Gaunt, of Lambert Castle, Dorsetshire, by whom he had one daughter, Petronella, and secondly, to Jane, daughter and heiress to Edward Batche, of Kentisbury, by whom he had three children.

1. Edward, married Dorothy, daughter of Sir Amyas Bampfyle. They had one son and heir, aged 14, in 1613.

2. Jane, married to Edward Parmytter, of Ilfracombe.

3. Elizabeth, married to Henry Preston.

The Crest was granted in 1588, demi Griffin, erased, &c., to Edward Hancock, and his Arms are thus registered. — ” Hancock, — Batchewolfe. — ”

Henry Hancocke married Dorothy Bamp- FYLDE, of Poltimore, who survived him, and afterwards she married Judge Dodderidge, She was Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth. Her tomb is in the Lady Chapel of Exeter Cathedral. Edward Hancocke was Recorder of the City of Exeter.

In Combe Martin Church, Devon, there is a brass with the following inscription on it : — ” William Hancock, Gentleman, formerly an inhabitant of this parish, in firm Christian faith and certain hope of living again for ever in Heaven, departed this life on the 4th day of February, A.D. 1587, and was buried the 19th of the same month, leaving three daughters and one son.”

The name of “Petronella” occurs in the Wiveliscombe Register. John Hancock who lived at Ford, in 1795, used a seal on which were the Arms described on the first quarterings alone, and the Crest, a demi Griffin, erased.

In the same Church is a monument to the memory of Judith, wife of William Hancock, “with an efhgy the size of life, exquisitely and elaborately sculptured in white marble. It bears the date, 1634. Dame Hancock is represented in the dress of that time, covered with point lace and looped with knots of riband. She has a pearl necklace round her neck, and her hair in curls, and bears some resemblance to the portraits of Henrietta Maria.” (Devon Guide Book).

It bears the following inscription : —

” Memoria et amoris sacrum. Here lyeth the body of Judith, wife of William Hancock, Lord of the Manor, by whom she had issue John and Anna. She married, secondly, Thomas Ivatt, His Majesty’s Principal Searcher in the Port of London, at whose cost this monument was erected. She had issue by him Thomas and Judith Ivatt. She departed this life March 28, 1634, aged 26.”

” Grace, meekness, love, religion, modesty.

Seemed in this mirror of her sex to die ;

For her soul’s lover, in her life did give

To her, as many virtues as could live,

And this bestowed by Heavenly art,

Earth claimed her body, Heaven her better part.”

Judith Hancock (afterwards Ivatt) was originally named Newman, and she was the daughter of — Newman, a London Goldsmith.

The remains of a Park and Mansion formerly existed between Combe Martin Rectory and the Church. The Manor was bought by William Hancock, of Lord Martin, in the reign of Henry VIII., and passed out of the family through an heiress, who married Admiral Sir Charles Waager. (?) Thence to a daughter who married Sir William Watson, who left three daughters, who still own the Manor.


Lady Watson lived at Combe Martin until her death, which occurred during the recollection of the present Vicar, Rev.W. Jones (1898). * On a handsome black marble and gilt monument in Torrington Church, Devon, is the following inscription : —

” Memoria sacrum

Judith iiliae Johannes Hancock,

de Combe Martin, arminger

Uxoris Henrici Stevens

de Velstone, generosi,

Quae obiit 6th Kal,

7bris Anno Domini, 1676,

^tatis suae 26

In maestrus Possuit.”

Sacred to the memory of Judith, daughter of John Hancock, of Combe Martin, Esquire, wife of Henry Stevens, of Velstone, Gentleman, who died 27th day of July, A.D. 1676, Aged 26.

Her sorrowful (or weeping) husband erected this.

* This Judith is probably niece of William and Judith

Hancock. — L.M.S.

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