Tom Evans

A bit more recent this time. This is my maternal grandfather, William Thomas Evans (known as Tom). He fought for the 2nd Devonshire Regiment during the First World War.

Here are his discharge papers

It looks like he spend over three years in France and only returned home when he was injured. The last lines on the paper state:

Awarded Parchment Cert for Gallantry & devotion to duty near Villiers Brettoneux from 24th to 27th – 4 – 1918

I also have a copy of that Certificate

It’s difficult to read now, but the text says

Near VILLIERS BRETONNEUX on 24th April, 1918, Corporal EVANS displayed great gallantry and exceptional leadership until wounded. He kept posts supplied with S.A.A. and moved about personally supervising the men regardless of heavy hostile fire.

Here‘s a link to some details of the battle of Villers Bretonneux. It appears to have been the first ever tank battle and is also famous for theĀ involvementĀ of the Australian Army.

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