Starting again!

After a few years out of it, I’ve decided to start up a website again. For a year a so I toyed with a blog where I put down my random responses to articles I’d seen in the papers and online (I moved all that out to I gave that up partly because it was easy to get involved in discussions on Facebook or elsewhere and partly because I didn’t have any time after Eddie was born.

Anyway, I’ve now found a new hobby (obsession?). I’ve been looking up our family tree. The main lines are from my dad (Hancock and Parnell) and my mum (Evans and Emanuel). On the Hancock, Parnell and Emanuel lines, I’ve traced back to the 17th century. The Evans side is a bit more tricky. There are lots of Evans in Wales!

The main things I’ve found out are that the Hancock and Parnell families are both from Devon and produced a lot of offspring that moved to Australia (not always voluntarily).

The Hancock line is interesting. From my great grandfather backwards, they were all from Combe Martin in Devon. There was a big Hancock presence there going back to Tudor times. Apparently, there was an Edward Hancock who was big mates with Sir Walter Raleigh, which didn’t end well. I’m trying to find the connection between the end of that line in 1620 through to where I have definite connections (1753).

I’m going to post up any interesting stories here, mainly so I don’t lose them!


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